About Me

Hi All: Thank you having me as a friend here on Blogger :).

Now about myself, I was born in 1943, Philadelphia. Pa. And I have lived in the area all my life. I have a High School education: Most of my employment education is from on and off job training and in many aspects I am largely self - taught. I served four+ years in the United States Navy and I am currently retired. I have been married for 32 years; my wife’s name is Ida. We never could have our own children, so we were foster parents instead. That didn’t last too long due to a debilitating condition which is robbing my wife of her strength, [Post-Polio Syndrome]. The foster child is now married and has daughter who is just cute as a button. He works as a painter and the young man is doing very well for himself.

My interests are as follows, Model Railroads, Photography, Classical Music, [Organ and Treble Voice music in general], gardening, live steam trains and now traveling. We are members of the Trinity Episcopal Church, Ambler, Pa. U.S.A.

Yes; I believe Jesus Christ is Lord and King.

I wasn’t always a Christian, well I was, but in name only. My story began in September of 2005, when one night, I came across the video version of " Salve me ", by a choir from South London that was posted on www.putfile.com. I was very impressed by this video and as a result, I went looking for more of this choir's music. I had found quite a bit of it on fan sites and other places as well. I had also joined the Yahoo Group, " Angel Voices ". There I met a very kind man who will remain nameless for now since I do not have permission to use his name.This man gave me a large number of the older Libera videos and this was the start of my transformation.

I had been listening to the music CD’s and watching the music video’s a lot. I found that it is largely " Sacred Music ". Even though it is not presented as “Evangelical” music, I'm not complaining for it was this music that inspired me to start taking a long hard look at myself and I didn’t like what I saw. It was the music video of “I Will Sing Forever” that motivated me. As I recall, it was the song " Locus Iste " which I really didn't care for at first. But, it is one of those songs that grows on you. Then one night, I sat down and played the video again [along with others] with an English translation in my hand. The tears started streaming down my cheeks, I guess it was a lot of anguish coming to the top, and when the final " Sanctus " was sung, a bomb went off inside me. The tears became a torrent. It was at this time I realised, that numerically the odds are against me. I was 63 years old and a cancer survivor. I also realised the most important thing I must do is have my heart right with Christ. It was at this time I made the decision to invite the Lord Jesus Christ into my life, a decision I have not regretted one bit.

I since then have gotten over my fear of flying and I have been to England thirteen times. The reason for this is I have developed many wonderful friendships there and I have found Cathedral touring a spiritually uplifting and a fun thing to do. I have written letters of “witness” about these trips and if anybody would like to read them, I will be happy to share them with you. I also wish in the near future, whilst I’m still able to travel, is to make at least one trip to Latvia to visit the Riga Dom and the other sights the country has to offer including one of it’s music festivals.

Well, I guess that’s about all I have to say for now. I will be posting more Pictures in photo albums

Of where I have been plus one that will cover my personals. In the meantime, please take care.

Blessings and Peace, Terry